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One on one training with structured training plans to better your dogs behaviour.

Mixed Breed Puppy


We start the dog training journey with a meet and greet, followed by a few basic questions to gain an understanding about you and your dog's lifestyle and your visions and training goals for your dog. We teach you how to create a better bond with your dog. Please understand that we must start with proper basic and reliable obedience skills in order to progress further with our training. Once we have achieved the foundations, we can start to move onto more advanced training.

1.5-2.5 Hours


Follow up

We continue the program with a discussion and review about the homework given and any issues that may have arisen while applying the training methods in the real world. In the follow up, we start solving the problem behaviours by using the foundational obedience learnt in the first session. 

Training really starts with newer and harder scenarios in attempt to proof your dog's known cues.

1-1.5 hours


Black and White Border Collie

Kickstarter Package

Kickstart your dog training journey with this package deal that includes the consultation paired with a follow up training session.

Consultation: 1.5-2.5 Hours

Follow up: 1-1.5 Hours


Walk n Train

This session can only be done after a consultation and a follow up session has been completed.

This session is done with just your dog and one of our qualified trainers. We pick up your dog and take then to a spot to work on decreasing unwanted behaviours. They get mentally stimulated, walked and given lots of treats and love. We work on general obedience and working around distractions. 

1-1.5 hours.


*$20 Area Fee if outside service area. Service areas are dependent on the trainer selected.

German Shepherd Puppy
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