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Group Classes

Challenge you and your dog in a group setting surrounded by like minded dog owner who are experiencing similar behavioural issues. 

All sessions are held in Bundall on Saturdays.

Red and White Border Collie

Clever Pups Puppy School

The class designed to guide you through those crucial early months with a new puppy, setting the foundations to creating a clever companion. This course is perfect for new puppy owners who want to socialise their puppies, build confidence and learn how to teach their puppy new behaviours with proven training methods.

Time frame: 1-1.5 hour sessions across 4 weeks

Age: 8 weeks-16 weeks

Cost: $200

Location: Bernie's Pet Barn Bundall

Loose Lead Workshop

Does your dog pull on the leash?

This workshop is for you! 

We show you how to teach your dog to respond to the pressure of the leash instead of working against it. 

The basics of achieving a loose lead walk is taught before you begin to perfect it with added distraction.

Time frame: 1-1.5 hour class

Age: +5 Months

Equipment: Ezydog Luca Leash (Ability to buy after class)

Cost: $80

Merle Border Collie with Sectoral heterochromia

Foundations (coming soon)

This group session teaches you how to communicate with your dog. We teach basic commands and behaviours that will be used in day to day life. This group class is great to teach your dog to listen around distractions.

*This course must be completed before 'Bulletproof' enrolment. 

Time frame: 5 week course

Age: +5 Months

Cost: $280 


Bulletproof  (coming soon)

This group session puts you and your clever canine in a high distraction environment to ensure the obedience training is effective regardless of what happens when you're out and about.

We work on proofing basic obedience with real world distractions to really push our dogs to be the best that they can.

Time frame: 5 week course

Prerequisite: Foundations 1

Cost: $280 

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