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Aussie Doodle Puppy

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Classes every month in Bundall

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6th July 8am- SOLD OUT
4th August 8am- 4 spots

Creating the Gold Coast's Clever Canines

Training that you and your dog will love...

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Black and White border collies
Red and White Border Collie

Friendly Trainers

We understand that dealing with a misbehaving family member can be stressful as we've been through that ourselves. We are here to work with you and your situation and to teach you how to train your dog to co-exist with you.

Proven Training Methods

Having worked within the animal industry for over 10 years combined, we have worked with many different styles of training including behaviour modification, scent work, tricks, puppy classes and dog sports. 

For Puppies, adolescents and adult dogs

Whether it's learning the steps you need to take with a new puppy, or using behaviour modification techniques to correct any issues with your adult dog, we have the program for you. We can help with a range of issues such as separation anxiety and reactivity to puppy classes and general obedience, reach out to find which of our trainers at Clever Canine Co. will suit you best. 

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