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At Clever Canine Co. we train the dog in front of us. We understand that every dog and situation is unique and our aim is to teach dogs more desirable behaviours while eliminating the bad behaviours through tailored training programs. We teach you how to communicate with your dog effectively.

Our team possesses a cumulative decade of experience in dog handling, along with various animal and dog training certifications. We have backgrounds in areas such as:

  • Veterinary nursing

  • Dog day-care attendant

  • Pet retail

  • Dog grooming


We have practised in various training methodologies, had many mentors, trained along side some amazing trainers and trained for different dog sports since our dog training journey began and can adapt to what your dog requires for training. 

We have owned reactive dogs, not so friendly dogs, working dogs, small breeds and large breeds so we understand the challenges of owning a "handful" of a dog.

Our unique training programs are based on proven methods to improve your dog's overall emotional state and physical health by the use of counter conditioning, desensitisation, stress relieving and confidence building exercisers.

 We teach you how to have clear communication with your dog as it is key component of maintaining a strong and healthy relationship.



We are excited to meet you and your canine companion and to guide you to your full potential.




Girl and her dog


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