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What is Clever Pups?

'Clever Pups' is our Puppy School here at Clever Canine Co. This class provides you with top-notch training and development for your puppy, ensuring they transform into a well-behaved, socially adept Clever Canine—a true, cherished member of your family. Classes are held at Bernie's Pet Barn in Bundall. 

Limited Spots Availiable.

Clever Pups Benefits

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Before we start:

  • Puppies must have had their 1st vaccination and between 8-16 weeks.

  • The 4 week Clever Pups course consists of four 1 -1.5 hour lessons.

  • Classes are held on Saturday's at 8am.

  • We keep our classes small so we can give adequate time to each puppy and their pet parents.

  • Classes are run by qualified dog trainers.

  • $200 for 4 weeks.

What to bring:

What you need to know:

1 / Carry your puppy

We recommend carrying your puppy through the store. Due to them being unvaccinated, and our pet store being a 'high dog traffic area' it's safest to carry your puppy until you reach class. Class is held out the back of the pet store where we have adequately disinfected the area to make it safe. 

2/ Please maintain a 2m distance from other puppies and their owners.

Avoid taking your puppy over to meet the other puppies before class, even if they are trying to drag you over,

We want to teach the puppies how to PROPERLY greet other dogs, and dragging their owner over is not it. 

You'll thank us later when your fully grown adult dog isn't dragging you over to every dog it sees or having a meltdown because they can't say 'hello'.

Don't worry, the puppies WILL get to say hello and have a play but it is important that they learn some impulse control and to listen to us.

3 / Everyone is welcome!

However please remember this is a learning space.

4 / Enclosed shoes work best

Trust us, it's hard to train in throngs and sandals. You're more than welcome to attempt it, however we recommend enclosed shoes.

1 / A Hungry Puppy
Please don't feed your puppy the morning of class. We want them to be hungry so that they are willing to work for their breakfast. You can feed them extra after class. 
2 / Treats (And ideally a treat bag or bumbag)
We recommend bringing a ziplock bag filled with treats. Prime100 rolls cut up into small pieces (Between 0.5-1cm) work great. Air-dried food such as Ziwi Peak is another great option. We want something small and soft enough that the pup can eat it quickly and move onto the next exercise.
Purchasing a treat-bag for the early stages of puppy training is beneficial as it gives you quick access to your rewards.
3 / Collar and Leash
Please have your puppy equipped with a collar and a standard leash. You can bring your puppy in with a harness, however please have a collar on them also. 

While retractable leashes can be a great tool, for our class (and at the vet clinic) we ask you to please leave them at home.

Got Questions?

 If you have any questions or concerns before or during class, please don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help you and your puppy succeed. Remember that these classes are not just about obedience; they're about building a strong bond between you and your puppy.

0414 652 632

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