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Our "New Puppy" Essentials Shopping List

Clever Canine Co.'s guide to everything you need to purchase to make puppy raising easy.

Aussie Shepherd x Poodle puppy

Congratulations on your decision to welcome a new furry friend into your life! How thrilling!

Whether your bundle of joy is already wagging their way into your home or you're eagerly counting down the days until their arrival, we've crafted this list to add a touch of simplicity and excitement to your puppy shopping journey.

Less time stressing about what you need, more soaking up the cuteness.


  • Small soft treats- We recommend Prime100 roll cut into small pieces or an air-dried meat based treat such as Ziwi Peak. Both of these treats are balanced dog foods.

  • Treat pouch/bag. (We live this one from Salty Paws, use the code "CCCO10" for 10% off)

  • Collar- with identification tags

  • Leash

  • 5m long leash- for recall training


  • Crate

  • Exercise pen

  • Comfortable bed- We like ones where we can remove the cover to wash them.

  • Baby gates- To block off areas of the house

  • Food/Water bowls

Toilet Training:

  • Enzyme spray- for the accidents

  • Poop bags

  • Pee pads/Grass mat- We only recommend these if the puppy is home alone in an exercise pen for longer then they can hold their bladders. When you are home, puppy should be taken outside to use the bathroom.


Grooming (depends on your breed's coat):

Dog brush
  • Metal comb

  • Slicker Brush

  • Nail trimmers

  • Shampoo and conditioner

  • Detangling spray

  • Dog toothpaste and brush


  • Harness for the car

  • Car seatbelt restraint

  • Car seat protecter

Don’t Forget:

  • Flea, tick and worming medication- Nexgard Spectra or Simparica Trio

  • High quality puppy food- Here at Clever Canine Co. we feed raw food however a premium puppy dry food found in a pet store is still an awesome choice.

  • Pet Insurance- For some owners this is a saving grace, for others it's a waste of money. Vet bills can be expensive, if you're not looking at pet insurance then start putting some money away each week for emergencies.


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